Yale professor guilty of harassment 25 years after first complaint

Dr. D. Eugene Redmond. Photo source: Yale University
Dr. D. Eugene Redmond. Photo source: Yale University

A lengthy investigation has revealed that a Yale medical professor, Dr. D. Eugene Redmond, assaulted several college students and at least one high school student in Saint Kitts and Nevis.

The release of the Yale-commissioned study follows the retirement of the professor, whom Yale’s University-Wide Committee on Sexual Harassment had judged to be guilty.

Even though the male students — medical interns in a program Redmond ran on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts — had complained of sexual assault and misconduct as long ago as 1994, Yale apparently did not take allegations seriously until quite recently.

Investigators interviewed 110 witnesses and reviewed 1,450 documents, concluding that Redmond.

According to the final report, the Yale professor “carefully selected the interns he abused and harassed,” and often “isolated them from their peers and flattered them, supported them financially, offered assistance for admittance to medical school, expressed deep affection, discussed intimate sexual matters, and sought time alone with them.”

This all adds up to “textbook grooming behavior,” according to investigators.

The report found that Redmond harassed at least 13 students over 25 years, and faulted Yale for not following up on the initial 1994 complaint.

As yet, Redmond has not been charged with a crime; he was found guilty in 2018 in an internal Yale investigation.

Source: Associated Press, The Daily Beast, The Scientist

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