Winners and losers are both on edge in Brazilian land struggle

Brazil’s Pankararu finally win land rights, but fight isn’t over.

The struggle over land rights in the backlands of Brazil’s dry northeastern state of Pernambuco pits impoverished indigenous people against impoverished non-indigenous settlers.

For once, indigenous people have won, but the 302 soon-to-be-evicted settler families aren’t happy and have nowhere to go.

And they may be right: The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation has stated that the land awarded in compensation to the evictees is no good for agriculture.

In any case, they claim the money they have received is too little to buy it.

The Pankararu are happy to finally gain exclusive rights to what they were entitled to have 25 years ago, when the process of delineating their lands and finding a way to compensate settlers began.

Yet they are also extremely uneasy, as they fear violence from the settlers as eviction looms.

Sources: Al Jazeera

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