What’s in store for The Daylighter in 2020

We’re a few weeks into it, but welcome to the new year. The Daylighter is charging ahead after a fine winter break with some timely updates on our endeavor.

• We’re launching a Kickstarter. Just a heads-up that we are in the early stages of developing a Kickstarter campaign to help juice up The Daylighter’s productivity and visibility before diverse audiences. We’ll keep you posted on this, but meanwhile, start dropping some quarters in your change jar for when we do launch, and please drop us a line if you’d like to make an early pledge to support our forthcoming campaign.

Post-partisan journalism. Reactionary political partisanship has created bitter divisions in our society. Sadly, this sort of partisanship only benefits the political parties themselves, and their vested ideological and financial sponsors, often at the expense of the general well-being in our democracy, and in societies around the world.

One of the specific goals of our mission is to build bridges across the partisan divides, so as to create dialogue and share information between people and communities who are being sold a partisan bill of goods by profit- and power-seeking special interests that are concerned only with themselves.

To that end, we’re covering difficult and divisive topics, but with a focus on the basic human-rights and public-interest issues that underpin all these controversies, rather than the surface-level partisanship and “hot takes” that absorb so much mass-media attention.

We’d love to get your feedback about how we’re doing. If you have any thoughts about The Daylighter’s coverage topics and style, please drop us a letter to the editor.

It’s a good time for “slow media.” As mentioned in our previous update, The Daylighter is making a deliberate and calculated decision to opt-out of the attention wars, and eschew the popular habit news publishers have picked up of dumping tons of lite news blurbs onto our platforms and social feeds. Instead, we’re doubling down on longer and deeper dives into one single topic each weekday. It gives us more room to build a coherent and original narrative out of clusters of stories we aggregate from diverse local, regional and national news sources. The content is looking good, the topics have been both thought-provoking and compelling, and we’re getting better responses from readers.

Take a gander at our primary news feed to sample these nutritious informational offerings.

Send The Daylighter a letter. We value your feedback, and welcome letters to the editor. Please feel free to share your thoughts about our work; we also welcome inquiries about sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

We’d love to hear from you!

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