Soldiers protest Ethiopia reforms

The new prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, has included the state security forces in his wide-ranging program of reform.

And while most have welcomed the overall changes, not everyone is keen on how these reforms have been implemented.

Last week, several hundred elite soldiers in the Ethiopian Defense Forces marched to the prime minister’s office and demanded a meeting over payments, the reforms, and other working conditions.

Under Abiy, the military has lost some of the influence it had under the previous regime.

After agreeing to disarm, the soldiers met with Abiy, who listened to their demands, but also reprimanded them for not following correct procedures for addressing their grievances.

Some citizens, including the prime minister, have taken the protest as a positive sign of increased democracy.

“All citizens are allowed to help … And all doors are open to all citizens apart from illegal ones,” said Abiy in local media.

Sources: All Africa, Deutsche Welle

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