Singer’s arrest is the latest in Tanzania’s ‘decency’ crackdown

A popular Tanzanian socialite and singer, Amber Rutty, has been summoned by the police after a leaked tape showed her having anal sex with two men.

Anal sex, under Tanzanian law, is illegal with punishment of up to 30 years to life in prison.

Legal action is pending from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority, but public opinion has already turned against her.

Rutty, meanwhile, has taken to the media to apologize to the country.

“I just pray for forgiveness for that problem … every human has its shortcomings,” she appealed at a press conference.

The Tanzania entertainment industry is seeing greater government crackdown on its stars.

On the same day as Rutty’s summons, the Tanzanian government banned actress Wena Sepetu from acting in Bongo films (movies made in Tanzania) after a video of her and her new boyfriend kissing was leaked online.

The Tanzanian government, via BASATA, the National Arts Council of Tanzania, had also threatened to arrest another socialite known as Sanchoka following public complaints over her suggestive Instagram photos.

If Sanchoka is determined to be an artist or a model, she would fall under BASATA’s authority and subject to their regulations.

In September, Tanzanian musician and actress Sister Fey was arrested for posting explicit videos on Instagram.

Fey could face a fine of $2,200 and/or up to 12 months in prison.

Sources: Tuko, Nairobi News, Music in Africa

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