She used a hidden camera to document sexual abuse in West African universities

BCC News journalist Kiki Mordi, as pictured on her Facebook page.
BCC News journalist Kiki Mordi, as pictured on her Facebook page.

Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu was a respected professor at the elite University of Lagos, as well as a Christian minister.

He is also a sexual predator.

As part of the BBC News “Sex for Grades” investigation, journalist Kiki Mordi, posing as a prospective student, brings a hidden camera into his office to reveal a terrifying abuse power in the West African academy.

But the problem is bigger than one man and one university.

A similar story unfolds with another respected professor at another respected venue, the University of Ghana.

A back room in a faculty club is mentioned — a place where faculty cavort with students.

Once again, the hidden camera reveals the horror of a little-known problem that universities in general are hesitant to publicize.

The journalist interviews mask-wearing female students who have been victimized in an academic culture that has swept aside their complaints.

Dr. Igbeneghu has since been suspended from his post, and disowned by his church.

Since the BBC investigation was released, a groundswell of outrage has gathered, with politicians calling for reform, university administrators promising change.

In addition to Dr. Igbeneghu, two other men featured in the video were suspended from their posts and face investigation.

Sources: BBC News, Newsweek

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