Abortion is now legal in Oaxaca

Women in Oaxaca, Mexico. Image source: ororadio.com.mx
Women in Oaxaca, Mexico. Image source: ororadio.com.mx

Oaxaca, one of Mexico’s most conservative and least-developed states, has expanded abortion rights, following a vote in state congress.

Previously, only liberal and comparatively wealthy Mexico City had allowed abortion.

Women in Oaxaca will now be able to get legal abortions through the 12th week of pregnancy.

Illegal abortions are the third-leading cause of death of women in Mexico; proponents of abortion rights hope that the Oaxaca vote will set a precedent that the rest of the country can follow.

The campaign to legalize abortion is part of an international feminist movement called the Marea Verde (Green Tide) that is active in South America, and is also combating draconian anti-abortion laws in Central America.

Sources: El Pais (Spain)

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