It’s a good day for the potato chips of the Western Hemisphere

Potato chips. Photo credit: Pixabay
Potato chips. Photo credit: Pixabay

The tastiest heart-attacking food additive may soon be history.

Trans-fatty acids have been taken down in a quiet coup for public health across the Americas.

PAHO, the Pan-American Health Organization, has convinced 35 countries in the Western Hemisphere to eliminate trans fats from the food industry within six years.

Trans-fatty acids, which extend the shelf-life of processed foods, is widely used in snacks such as potato chips and doughnuts.

There are 160,000 deaths from heart disease linked to trans fats every year in the Americas.

A previous effort to do this largely failed, though some countries, including the United States, are getting rid of partially hydrogenated oils (which are laden with trans fats), or are drastically reduce trans fats as a precentage of total fats in food.

Sources: The Pan American Health Organization

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