ICE informant claims abuse by agents

Carlos Rueda Cruz claims that ICE agents physically abused him because he didn’t want to be an informant on the potentially illegal actions of other Hispanic immigrants in California.

His story is not atypical: he had to flee his home in Michoacan a few years back for engaging in advocacy for a political party not in favor with local organized crime.

He made it to the United States after several failed attempts and pleas for asylum that fell on deaf ears.

When ICE caught him, he says, they ensnared him in a scheme whereby undocumented immigrants are threatened with deportation if they don’t serve as informants on their fellow immigrants.

Knowing he would put his family and his own life at risk if he were sent back home, he agree to become an informant on other Hispanic immigrants, but could never bring himself to provide ICE any information.

He claims they detained him and beat him for non-compliance, after which a lawyer was able to procure his release. He is awaiting his next hearing in 2019 and continues to look for a way to remain in the United States.

Source: The Intercept

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