February at The Daylighter

News wise, it was a light week at The Daylighter: We’re working hard on fundraising, building our audience and wrangling our website.

Shining a light

We did, however, publish some great work, including excellent roundups on Africa’s wave of anti-plastic regulations, and on the gruesome toll of neglect, poverty and racism in Mississippi’s prison system.

Here also are two stellar stories from the previous week that you don’t want to miss:

• We love this item on how journalism took down corrupt fishing officials in Namibia, and shone a light on their cronies in Iceland.

• And don’t miss this important story on the “ethnic unity” policy that China is bringing to Tibet, which critics fear presages cultural suppression and worse.

For us, that’s what it’s all about — elevating important news stories at home and abroad, and shining a light on the best work by journalists and news organizations at a time of rampant corruption, neglect and abuses around the world.


One thing that’s foremost on our minds is our forthcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Keep your eyes open — we’ll be announcing some major updates soon, including:

• Previews of the incentives and thank-you gifts we’ll be offering to contributors to the campaign

• A preview of the campaign schedule

• Maybe even a teaser of our promo video

Meanwhile, if you’d like to make an early pledge to support the campaign, or sign on to help promote our work to your community, please do drop us a line.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned and thanks as always for reading The Daylighter.

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