Family separations get lost in bureaucracy

The forceful separation of immigrant parents from their children in the United States continues, with no resolution in sight for hundreds of families

In one story, a father and son from a town in Yoro Department, Honduras, fled narcotics traffickers only to be detained and separated at the U.S. border after requesting asylum. 

The boy’s father was shackled and returned to Honduras, and remains in hiding there, while the young son continues with an uncertain future in a U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement facility in Chicago.

Efforts to aid the family have been stymied by official misinformation, contradictory instructions, and a lack of clarity that has confused even the legal experts trying to aid the family.

Although the father signed papers that should have seen the boy discharged in June from the Chicago facility, and into the care of his aunt in New York state, no action has been taken by the government.

Source: The Nation (United States)

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