Confusion and recrimination over ‘missing billions’ in Liberia

Liberian President George Weah may remove Finance, Planning and Development Minister Samuel Tweh over his handling of a recent investigation into millions of dollars that may have gone missing.

Nearly 16 billion newly minted Liberian dollars (about US$100 million) are alleged to have vanished from Roberts International Airport and the Port of Monrovia prior to Weah’s inauguration in January of this year.

Some government officials have denied that all 16 billion are missing, deepening the confusion.

The Central Bank of Liberia had ordered the production of the new banknotes, butbillions of them were said to have never been deposited into the central vault.

Two key officials of Weah’s administration placed the blame on former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s government, drawing an angry rebuke from Sirleaf herself.

Charles Sirleaf, former central bank governor and son of the former president, as well as all those associated with the missing containers of money, have been forbidden from traveling while the missing money is being investigated.

Sources: New Republic Liberia, BBC News, The New Democrat (Liberia), All Africa, Liberian Observer

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