After Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s disasters keep piling up

December 10, 2019

Two years after shaking off its long-reigning dictator Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe remains an oppressive country in the grip of economic, environmental, and civil-rights disasters. Publicly, however, President Emmerson Mnangagwa is optimistic, stating at a recent summit in Dubai that his country is “open for business.” “Come and make money here,” he said. “All opportunities are […]

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Zimbabwe crowdfunds cholera response

September 7, 2018

Zimbabwe’s finance minister took the unusual step of launching a crowdfunding campaign to fight the current cholera and typhoid outbreak. The outbreak began on September 6, and the government declared a state of emergency on September 10. As of last week, 25 people have died, while 3,766 others have received treatment. The call for support has […]

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