Cartels and traffickers prey on caravan

November 28, 2018

Women, men, children: Gone. According to Oaxaca human rights ombudsman Arturo Peimbert, around 100 members of the Central American migrant caravan never made it to Mexico City on their trek north, but instead were kidnapped in Veracruz. The kidnap victims were likely turned over to the Zetas, a fearsome cartel that controls human trafficking [source […]

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“The worst governor in history”

September 29, 2018

Javier Duarte, who was just sentenced to nine years in prison, is a household name in Mexico, symbolizing the dark side of elected democracy and the downfall of the once all-powerful PRI party. Duarte was elected governor of Veracruz in 2010 as a golden boy of sorts — young, charismatic, and full of promises to […]

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