The photos were faked, but Colombia and Venezuela may go to war anyway

October 10, 2019

The relationship between the Venezuelan and Colombia continues to deteriorate, as troops mass at the border between the two nations, and a war of words escalates into a war of images. Adding to Colombia’s list of complaints is photo evidence presented at the United Nations that Colombia’s President Ivan Duque says is proof that Venezuela […]

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Cowboys and Pumé

November 5, 2018

Violence between Venezuelan ranchers and Pumé Indians puts a spotlight on old prejudices and unresolved land claims.

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Preserving a park amid Venezuela’s crisis

September 25, 2018

Caura National Park in the Venezuelan Amazon sounds like a great idea — 29,000 square miles of rain forest set aside in perpetuity. But there’s a catch — its legal declaration in 2017 was preceded a year prior by the government’s establishment of the Orinoco Mining Arc, a vast area now open to gold mining, […]

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