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Libraries are in demand as the pandemic spreads — but are they prepared?

May 5, 2020

Public libraries are community institutions essential to the free flow of information in American society — and they were shuttered abruptly at the beginning of the pandemic. Now, however, libraries across the country have become more essential than ever thanks to the multitude of online services they offer. Yet in most cases, they’re struggling. In […]

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Food insecurity is America’s next big pandemic problem

May 1, 2020

The complex supply chains of our food system have been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Farmers and consumers alike have been caught off-guard by price collapses and shifting demand; by government food policies that are less than helpful; and by hunger and malnutrition already extant across the country. It all adds up to a […]

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Rent strike! How COVID-19 is disrupting rent, evictions and the housing market

April 13, 2020

The story is the same across the United States. Millions of households — one third of renters nationwide — have been unable to make rent payments in April, due to the pandemic lockdowns that have swept the country. Real estate prognosticators fear this could lead to a catastrophic “domino effect” of missed rent, late mortgage, and […]

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COVID-19 is disrupting addiction and recovery, but communities are adapting

April 6, 2020

Americans who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, or who are in recovery, are grappling with a new kind of struggle in the age of pandemic. One key question: Where to turn for fellowship and support when lockdowns and social isolation are the de facto law of the land? Another challenge for public health officials: […]

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Coronavirus briefs: Religion in the time of pandemic

March 31, 2020

Religious practice is as much about community as it is about faith. In this brief, The Daylighter conducts a short survey of how spiritual communities around the world are responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Islam: Keep it clean Cleanliness is an important part of Islamic belief and practice, and its importance is resurgent in Muslim […]

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Indigenous peoples want you to stay away

March 26, 2020

Native people the world over have not forgotten their profound vulnerability to disease brought in by outsiders. In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, they’re taking steps to protect themselves. South America: ‘Keep out!’ As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the world, indigenous communities across South America — from the Amazon rainforest to the Andes Mountains […]

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