Banning plastics? Africa is getting it done.

February 6, 2020

In Sub-Saharan Africa, 31 countries have banned single-use plastic.  Kenya is in the lead with its draconian penalties for infractions — and its promising results.  Flood of plastic Single-use plastics have become a significant part of the world’s plastics crisis.  Their rise to dominance in grocery store sales is familiar across the planet, as individual items […]

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Homophobia is costing Tanzania

December 7, 2018

Increasingly homophobic and authoritarian public policies in Tanzania have prompted a big pullback by international donors.  Denmark will withhold $10 million in aid, and the World Bank has withdrawn a planned $300 million loan. Denmark is Tanzania’s second-biggest donor, providing over $52 million in foreign aid thus far in 2018. However, it cited human rights abuses […]

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Dar Es Salaam commissioner urges Tanzanians to report homosexuals

November 9, 2018

Paul Makonda, a regional commissioner in the Tanzanian capital, has announced the creation of a 17-member committee and surveillance operation dedicated to tracking down homosexuals, which is set to start this week. Makonda went on to say that people should delete pornography from their phones and report homosexuals for arrest. “These homosexuals brag about it […]

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Singer’s arrest is the latest in Tanzania’s ‘decency’ crackdown

November 4, 2018

Tanzania’s restrictive laws around sexuality have led to arrests and the threat of fines and long jail terms for several women who posted suggestive or explicit videos on social media.

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