South Africa

Hopes for a high-end ‘eco city’ in South Africa turned out to be hype

November 7, 2019

Easy access to commuter rail, pedestrian-friendly, community centers, schools, eco-friendly — what’s not to like? The lack of affordable housing, it turns out. The city of Johannesburg rejected Chinese developer Zendai’s plans for a self-contained, luxury residential zone on par with those found in world cities such as Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York. The […]

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South Africa is one of the most unequal countries in the world. Here’s why.

October 29, 2019

Long after the end of political apartheid, economic apartheid persists in South Africa. Despite its commitment of billions of dollars to a social-investment fund intended to alleviate poverty among black nationals, South Africa is still among the most economically unequal countries anywhere. According to a World Bank report, the top 1% of all South Africans […]

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Battling tuberculosis, South Africa wins pharma-patent dispute

October 5, 2018

South Africa took on the United States over pharmaceutical patents to battle tuberculosis — and won. Tuberculosis is the leading cause of natural death in South Africa, and the patent dispute was part of the government’s campaign against the disease. This also includes a United Nations declaration calling for two major strides by 2022: to […]

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Marijuana is now legal in South Africa

September 20, 2018

Joining the ranks of Canada and California, South Africa has now legalized the private use and growing of marijuana by adults. This follows a lower court’s ruling that criminalizing cannabis is unconstitutional. The original case was brought by a Rastafarian and former Dagga Party leader (“dagga” is South African slang for cannabis) asking for home […]

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