Thangyat is sort of like slam poetry, and in Myanmar it can get you thrown in jail

December 4, 2019

Members of the Peacock Generation, a satirical performance troupe in Myanmar, face ongoing repression for staging politically offensive comedy. Using a traditional comic form called thangyat, members of the troupe made a target of Myanmar’s thin-skinned military — the Tatmadaw. Bans and censorship Thangyat, which mixes poetry, dance, and music, has at times been permitted […]

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The Rohingya have nowhere to go

October 2, 2019

Research and writing by Mark Bonta and Rebekah Hanzas Fleeing genocidal violence in Myanmar, the Rohingya, a Muslim ethinc group, have become a stateless people, severed from their roots and with no home to call their own. Despite living in Myanmar for generations, authorities there have denied them citizenship, calling them illegal migrants from South […]

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