These forest dwellers are seeing their home and culture turned into charcoal

October 17, 2019

The roughly 1,000 members of the Mikea people are Madagascar’s last hunters and gatherers. Yet the island nation’s dependence on charcoal for cooking may destroy their home, the dry Mikea Forest, much of which is a national park. Their entire culture — including their food sources, medicines and religion — is dependent on their namesake […]

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Those ‘healing’ New Age crystals are stained red

October 3, 2019

Crystals, always the rage in New Age circles for their purported healing powers, have over the past five years become a multi-billion-dollar global industry. But just a tiny fraction of those billions is seen by the impoverished crystal miners of Madagascar, who work in atrocious conditions, in hand-dug mines, to feed the frenzy for amethyst, […]

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