An environmentalist lesbian wins Colombia’s second most powerful political office

November 21, 2019

For the first time since its founding in the early 1500s, Bogata, the capital of Colombia and the nation’s economic hub, has a female mayor. Claudia Lopez, 49, will be sworn in to office as one of the most powerful politicians in Colombia — making her a symbol for women and girls in a nation […]

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The photos were faked, but Colombia and Venezuela may go to war anyway

October 10, 2019

The relationship between the Venezuelan and Colombia continues to deteriorate, as troops mass at the border between the two nations, and a war of words escalates into a war of images. Adding to Colombia’s list of complaints is photo evidence presented at the United Nations that Colombia’s President Ivan Duque says is proof that Venezuela […]

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Tremors shake Colombia’s fragile peace

September 11, 2019

Like 10,000 of his peers, Ferley Vargas, a former FARC guerrilla, rejoined Colombian civilian society in 2016, when Latin America’s longest-running war finally ended in a peace deal and amnesty. He was one of around 3,700 children who joined the rebels in the last 17 years of their half-century struggle — in his case, after […]

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Lava Jato is getting scary in Colombia

November 28, 2018

Colombia’s part of the Odebrecht scandal is getting messier — and scarier. Colombia is one of at least 12 countries entangled in the tentacles of a massive corruption scandal, which originated with Brazilian multinationals that systematically bribed foreign-government officials to secure fat construction contracts and other favors. The construction firm Odebrecht is the most well-known […]

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Where the rivers run dry, a coal mine thrives

November 21, 2018

In the Colombian desert, survival is defined by access to water. The Wayuu of arid La Guajira (part of the Guajira Peninsula shared with Venezuela) know this and have been able to thrive in this parched land for centuries. They are Colombia’s most populous Indigenous group, and 300,000 or more of them live on the […]

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Disrupting gangland

September 25, 2018

What if the way to combat youth gang violence is to intervene in young peoples’ lives in a positive fashion, rather than simply cracking down with heavy-handed police tactics? Community-policing projects are being implemented with this goal in mind across the Americas, and the results so far from one of the world’s most violent cities […]

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