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Australia’s firefighters have a lot to learn from Aboriginal people

January 24, 2020

In southern, temperate Australia, this year’s fire season has been one of the worst in living memory — but in much of the country’s tropical north, it is nothing out of the ordinary.  This is no accident, experts say — it’s partly due to the predominance of Aboriginal people in the north, and whites in the […]

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American bison are back, and not everyone is happy about it

January 23, 2020

The bison herds of the North American grasslands once numbered in the millions before they were hunted by white settlers to the brink of extinction.  Now, almost miraculously, there are upwards of half a million again — but this amazing conservation success story isn’t music to everyone’s ears. Dangerous interactions In the pre-colonial era, bison […]

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So you want to discover (and protect) new bird species? Here’s how to get it done.

January 21, 2020

The recent discovery of a “lost world” in the Wallacea region of Indonesia has stunned scientists and conservationists.  In the dense mountain rain forests of three remote Indonesian islands, five unknown bird species — and as many subspecies — have remained hidden until now.  The Peleng Fantail, Taliabu Grasshopper-Warbler, and other newly described birds were introduced to […]

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Wyoming’s wildlife wars are going to keep getting worse

January 17, 2020

The latest battle for the soul of the West is really an ongoing set of skirmishes, pitting grizzly bears, mountain lions and bighorn sheep against a rancher and his livestock.  Stuck in the middle are the federal and state government agencies charged with protecting public lands, native animal species — and also private-property rights.   Territorial […]

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Big Oil is still spending big dollars on climate-change denial

December 16, 2019

Over $1 billion since Paris. This is the amount that the world’s top five public oil corporations have spent of their shareholders’ money to sway public opinion on climate change following the Paris Climate Accords in 2016. The basic idea is to kill carbon taxes, support more drilling, advocate for looser restrictions on emissions — but all the while appearing to […]

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Beware the planet-killing candies of the Anthropocene

December 13, 2019

In 2019, our collective love of Oreos, KitKats, or any of myriad other products made with palm oil, has resulted in the burning of an area the size of Puerto Rico. Global consumption of palm-oil-based food products has also released in that one-year period as much carbon dioxde pollution as the United Kingdom produced during […]

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