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What does COVID-19 mean for the tech economy?

March 24, 2020

Tech-industry observers are, in a word, bullish about the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the technology sector. They see an opportunity to profit from a boom in apps and network services for critical needs, such as education. The benefits of shared virtual experiences and live-streamed video are clear enough in a time of social […]

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For decades, San Francisco has failed to house the homeless. Will the pandemic change all that?

March 23, 2020

Additional writing by Josh Wilson Although San Francisco prides itself as “the City that Knows How,” it has also largely failed to provide housing for thousands of people and families living on its streets. But the coronavirus pandemic may be changing all that. Search for safe space San Francisco is an enormously wealthy town, and […]

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A fire that killed more than a thousand garment workers has spurred global reforms

March 4, 2020

Seven years after a factory fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh, killed over a thousand garment makers, both union organizing and legal reforms are changing the fashion industry and worker safety worldwide.  But substantial challenges remain, including the repression of union organizing in Bangladesh, and a legal battle that may pull the teeth of a French worker-safety […]

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Life ain’t so sunny in Singapore these days

February 13, 2020

The island city-state of Singapore, held up by many as a near-perfect model of prosperity, is facing a set of challenges that is beginning to plunge it into decline. Immigration and cheap labor is at the heart of it, along with the new gig economy that replaces high-paying employment with temporary, low-earning piecework.  Unending growth […]

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You can blame the Marxists for Vienna’s epically cheap rent

February 12, 2020

In the capital of Austria, housing is considered a human right — which may be why Vienna has been consistently ranked as one of the “world’s most liveable cities.”  But not everyone agrees with Vienna’s century-old housing policies — and the future of the city as a relatively low-rent location is in doubt. It’s the rent […]

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Beware the planet-killing candies of the Anthropocene

December 13, 2019

In 2019, our collective love of Oreos, KitKats, or any of myriad other products made with palm oil, has resulted in the burning of an area the size of Puerto Rico. Global consumption of palm-oil-based food products has also released in that one-year period as much carbon dioxde pollution as the United Kingdom produced during […]

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