The mission of The Daylighter is to strengthen democracy by serving the information needs of engaged global citizens.

We do this in three ways:

• Focus on news that matters.
• Produce accessible coverage that eschews partisanship.
• Covering the world-changing, border-crossing issues of our times.

Focus on news that matters: We strive to bring clarity to key topics that are all too often bogged down in partisanship — such as migration, rights and liberties, environment, economy and corruption.  

Be accessible and don’t play to partisanship: Everyone has opinions. But many political parties and players are cynically exploiting this to create division and gain power.

• We work to produce coverage that’s accessible to all, regardless of anyone’s politics.
• We do not endorse political candidates.
• We will never run political ads or accept money from political parties or activists who want to influence our coverage.

Cover a changing world: We aim to cover local news of global importance — because we are all global citizens now, whether we like it or not. 

• Local economies are now competing on a global scale.
• Environmental issues cross national borders.
• War and terrorism do not respect boundaries.
• Government policies have impacts around the world.

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