About Us: New daily newsletter, op-eds, editor interview, holiday schedule

The Daylighter is an experiment in “slow media,” and an effort to create new space on the Internet for smart, engaging, revelatory coverage of border-crossing issues around the world.

We launched just three months ago, and every step of the way has been an education. For those who are interested in our process, we’ll be periodically posting updates in The Daylighter’s progress blog, which will always be accessible in the sidebar of our “About” pages, and in our newsletters.

So what’s new?

• Holiday schedule: We’ll be taking the week of November 25-28 off for the holidays. Our weekday postings and newsletters will resume on Monday, December 2.

• Slow Media: After much consideration, for our Winter 2019 and Spring 2020 seasons, we’re going to focus on publishing one in-depth report each weekday. We’re not going to play the attention game and try to shovel as much quick content as we can into our news feed. We figure folks have enough of that elsewhere on the Internet, and would appreciate a more nuanced approach that respects their intelligence and their time.

• Editor interview: To learn a little more about where we’re coming from, check out this interview with our News Editor, Mark A. Bonta.

• Weekday email newsletter: We launched a new email newsletter, The Deep Dive Daily, that delivers our daily report — with full text and images — directly to your inbox, for you to read at your convenience on your mobile device. This is in addition to our Weekly Reader newsletter, which provides summaries and website links for all our stories in one succinct edition each Friday.

Click this link to update your email preferences and select either the weekday or Friday newsletters — or both.

• Op-eds: We ran our first-ever op-ed last week — an explainer by the Chilean-born campaigner Maritza Schafer on the epochal protests that paralyzed her home country this October. More than a million people took to the streets across Chile over a several-week period, setting the stage for a referendum in April 2020 that may kick off the process of drafting a new Constitution. The new document would succeed one put in place by the Pinochet dictatorship in the 1980s. What might this look like, and why is it happening?

We are still experimenting with op-eds, and welcome your feedback.

We are also interested in op-ed pitches from qualified individuals who can offer informed, well-written perspectives on the big changes, issues, challenges and opportunities of our modern world. Please note that we are not interested in political polemic, partisan screeds, hot takes or other dreary info-detritus of the digital-media era.

Want to pitch an op-ed to The Daylighter? Just use the contact form in our About page and drop us a note.

That’s all for this edition of The Daylighter’s Project Progress blog! Thanks as always for your readership and support of our mission.

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